Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crazy Sleeping Postions

Need I say more? That can't be comfortable!! I LOVE HIM!!! So precious!

Caribbean Cruise 2008

What a great 10 days we had in the southern part of the Caribbean! We started our vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We arrived there on the night of August 14th and met up with my family. We stayed at an amazing resort called, Caribe Hilton. It has it's own secluded beach and it has been known for the title of the very first Pina colada drink! (Lots of bars there said they were the first as well! So who knows.) We were there for 3 1/2 days before getting on board the luxurious Adventure of the Seas! Once on the ship... NON STOP FUN from there on!! Here is what our itinerary looked like:

Day 1: (At Sea) Woke up around 10 am, go get some breakfast, layout by the pool, walk around, take a nap, people watch from the top deck, take a dip int he pool, eat lunch, layout, get ready for our first formal night dinner, take pictures before dinner, eat dinner, comedian show, and go to bed around midnight!

Day 2: (Bridgetown, Barbados) Woke up around 10am, eat breakfast, get off the ship and wait for our excursion guide to get there, Swim with turtles, snorkel to a shipwreck, and layout and swim on a fabulous beach, get back on the ship, get ready for dinner, eat dinner, go to the show, late night karaoke, go to bed around 1am.

Day 3: (Castries, St. Lucia) Woke up at 8am, grab a quick breakfast, get on a bus to our excursion: Rain Forest Canopy Adventure. Zip line over 9 platforms,(one being 879 feet long) AMAZING! Get back on the bus and tour St. Lucia, back on the ship, get ready for dinner, eat, skip the show to play games and go shopping, go to bed around 12:30am.

Day 4:
(St. John's, Antigua) Woke up around 8am, eat breakfast, get on a bus that took us about 30 minutes out of the main city, hopped on our OWN boats (YES, we drove them!!), almost fell out of the boat, swam on a secluded beach, got back on the boats, went crazy on them, go back on the bus that took us to the ship, got ready for our last formal night, took pictures, ate dinner, went to the "Love & Marriage Game Show", hung out, went to bed around 12:30am.

Day 5: (Philipsburg, St. Maarten) Woke up at 8:30am, grab a muffin for breakfast, get off the boat, get on a bus that took us into the middle of St. Maarten to our excursion: Loterie Farm Treetop Adventure Tour. Go over a sequence of zip lines, rope swings and 'bridges' suspended from platforms mounted high up in the trees, got out of it in one piece, drove back to the ship, lay out by the pool, get a frozen yogurt, get ready for dinner, ate dinner, went to the "Beatles Tribute" show, played "Lucky Unders", went to the "Quest" game show, went to bed around 1am.

Day 6:
(Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas) Woke up at 8am, ate breakfast, went on a water taxi to "Water Island", got on a bike and took a ride around the island, went to Honeymoon beach, played the Waite family version of the Olympics in the event of swimming ( it was definitely a site to see!!!), got back on the water taxi, went shopping around the island, walked back to the ship, took a nap by the pool, got ready for dinner, ate our last dinner on the ship, went to the finale show, played "Lucky Unders", hung out talking and laughing, packed out clothes up, went to bed around 1:30am.

Day 7: Fly HOME!!! After a long day of flying we get into Salt Lake to find that Nick's luggage got lost somewhere in flight! Last seen in San Juan, Puerto, Rico. We had to give all of our info to the airline luggage lady and hope they can find it. (they did that night and it was on our front door step in the morning!!)We then went to Nick's parents house to pick up CREW!!! Boy did I miss him! He was sleeping when we got there, but I couldn't help myself and I woke him up! He had the biggest smile on his face and looked up at me and for the first time (that I heard it) said "MAMA"!!! I had tears in my eyes!! After playing tug-o-Crew with Nick, we got Booduh from Nick's sister, Lacie, and headed home!!

So needless to say we had an AMAZING time! Ten days was a long time to be away from my little boy, but I am so very glad Nick and I got to have the alone time. I just want to thank all of my family members that took care of Crew. Mom, Brit, Lu, Lacie, Kerri, and I am sure Lexi helped out somewhere in there!! You guys ROCK!!! i am so blessed to have such a great family that was able and willing to take on the challenge of having another little one added into their lives for a few days! I can't tell you how thankful I am that Crew was with those that love him. I also want to give a shout out to Lacie and thank her for not only watching Crew but watching Booduh the ENTIRE time we were gone. You were my angel! Thank you so much! I hope he wasn't too much of a hassle! Now to my family... aka MOM AND DAD! Thank you so much for all the absolutely AMAZING vacations you take us on! Every vacations seems to be the best. You guys are so fun and we feel so blessed to be able to partake in these fun filled family adventures with all of you! Dad YOU ROCK!!!!! I can't wait to see where the "Waite Family Fun Mobile" takes us next! It's always an adventure! We love you all! Enjoy some of the pictures we took on our vacation!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Three Things Tag

So I was tagged by my sister-in-law, Tara to do this tag and I thought it was pretty good. Made me think! Which is great!!!! :) OK here I go!

3 Fears

1. Now this one is really, really weird, BUT I am really afraid of SPACE! I absolutely do not like it at all. It freaks me out to the point of my stomach turning and getting me almost in a hot sweat! I don't like looking at the earth from that point of view. I don't even like to think about it! I have to stop cause I am grossing my self out! FYI... It's a real phobia: Astrophoic!
2. I'm afraid of waking up and hearing a tapping on my window and I open my blinds and staring right at me are someones EYES! No way! I would die of a heart attack!
3. I'm also afraid of loosing my husband, kids, family members, or friends. I would hope I had no regrets, no "what if's". I try to make sure everyone I love knows it and never doubts it!

3 Joys

1. My cute little family! I love my husband so much. He is my best friend! We are definitely soul mates! I love my baby boy, Crew! He is the air I breathe! I can't imagine my life without him. He is truly one of my biggest joys in life! And last but not least, Booduh! I know he is my little puppy but he is like a child to me! I love him so much. He just gets me, even when I think no one else does, I know he does. And who doesn't love to be loved so much by something so small?!?!

3 Obsessions

1. I am obsessed with making sure I do the best I can on ALL my wonderful clients hair. I am such a perfectionist it can get irritating to me. I just like to do their hair as if it were my own, and pay close attention to detail!!!
2. I am also obsessed with working out! I am not in that great of shape right now but I really do love to workout. I feel soooo much better when I have broken a good sweat and gotten my heart rate up that day! It makes me feel so much more energized! Now if I could only figure out how to get off my losing weight plateau I could look like I feel!!! FABULOUS!!
3. I am also obsessed with Reality TV! My husband hates it but I love it! It is my crazy indulgence! I can't get enough! I get so into them sometimes I feel like I am the one competing in the shows! I know kinds lame, but I love it!

3 Random Facts

1. Nick and I were set up on a blind date for our very first date!
2. I always tell Nick to "help" me lose weight or stay away from crap. And when he tries to "help" I get so mad at him and want to eat whatever it is he is telling me not to. I don't ask him to "HELP" anymore! It wasn't going well!!!!
3. I have 3 grandkids on my side of the family and Nick has 19!! Talk about a crazy Sunday dinner! Kids are everywhere!!! It's great! You gotta love them!

3 Goals
(in random order)

1. To be a great wife, mom, sister, and friend! If anyone really knows me they know that I LOVE people! I love being around people, helping people, making people laugh. Plain and simple I LOVE PEOPLE! I want to be a great example to others! I know I am definitely not perfect, but I would love to think that all of us have the qualities that others would look up to and want to do better themselves. I have many friends that I look up to and hope that I can be as great of a friend and example to others as they are to me! Let's be honest, the world is in need of good people!
2. I want to get better at doing the small things in life. Stop and smell the roses! Life is going by so fast and I am not sure that we are making the most out of our days and nights! I get so caught up in doing the daily life things that sometimes I find myself wondering what happened to my baby boy! He isn't a baby anymore, and it makes me so sad. I am at home with him all day and I still don't get enough time with him. I want to take more time to spend quality time with those that I love!
3. To get toned up before getting pregnant again! I need to know that it is possible to get back down to my wedding weight before I go for it again! Crew is totally worth all this extra "stuff", but boy would I be so happy if I could get rid of it before the next bundle of joy comes into our lives!!!

OK well now that I'm done I will tag: Ashlee G., Staci U., Bree S., & Katie E.
Have fun guys!


I am glad to say we are back form our 10 day vacation to the Caribbean. It was such a great vacation, much needed! I am so happy to be back with Crew! I missed him so much but it was nice to have some time with my hubby! I am still on vacation in my head so I will get pictures and put detail up when I am back to "life". Which will have to be soon since Crew needs to eat, sleep, and play! Can't wait to share all the amazing pictures with everyone!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


We got our family pictures back from my cousin, Jeanna! Thanks G! They are amazing! I thought I would give you a little look at some of the great pictures she took! You will soon find them and many more up in our home! I can't wait!!! These are the "few" I chose out of 570 pictures!!! Enjoy!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Today starts the 2008 Olympic Games from Bejing, China. Here is a little glimpse of the opening cerimonies. GO USA!!!

Today is also my nephew, Aidan, first birthday! I am kinda freaking out because Aidan and Crew are only 15 or so weeks apart and that means Crew will be one in 4 months! Time goes by WAY TOO FAST! Happy Birthday Aidan boy!
They will be such great friends!!!


I am so thrilled that JOSH WON! I knew it was going to come down to Josh and Twitch. When they were about to announce the winner, my heart dropped, and I kinda felt like it was me up there! Then Cat Deeley said, " JOSHUA" and I let out a HUGE SCREAM! I almost cried! I am so excited! He deserves it so much! There were a lot of great dancers this year, but I think he took the cake! Oh wait he did!! All the dances the judges chose were my favorites as well! I was very pleased with all the choices! Also... MARY MURPHY HAS HOT LEGS!!!! Who knew? She always looks chunky behind the panel. I think we were all in shock with that one! She looked really good. Also, I didn't think Nigel did a bad job either. A bit cheesy, but I liked it! I think my favorite number were my man squeeze, Wade Robson's, Believe dance, and the Top Dancer's from all seasons dance. I am not sure if Sabra just couldn't make it or if she was out of town? Sorry I have no pictures of my fun filled night. Thanks to Laura we got to have a party at her house with a lot of our SYTYCD die hards... and a few not so die hards!!! Can't wait for next year! I think I will go by my concert tickets now!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008