Monday, October 27, 2008

ViVa LaS vEgAs!!!!

We had such an amazing time in Vegas for Nick's 30th Birthday! I don't feel like writing a day-to-day synopsis but I will give you a glimpse into our week!
We ate at In and Out 3 times, went into 10 hotels, went to bed around 2am every night, woke up around 9:30am every morning, ate at some good restaurants, went shopping for 2 days straight, went swimming at the Mandalay Bay's Wave pool (amazing!), started reading Breaking Dawn, Gambled a whole 10 bucks... I can see how people get addicted. When you win you feel on top of the WORLD! But I stopped at a meezley 10 bucks! , went to KA @ the MGM Grand... probably the best show on the Strip! I Highly recommend it!, Cherissa and I got ID'd, and had so much fun I can't wait til our next trip with friends! The best part was that my parents took Crew while we partied it up on the Strip! Thanks so much! It was much needed! Here are some pictures of the days in Vegas! Thanks to the Newton & Evan's for such a great time! Let's start planning the next annual Friends Getaway! LOVE YA!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Yep that's right Nick is 30!! I can hardly believe that he is now in the 30-59 year bracket!!! BOY IS THAT SCARY!!!! I had so much fun preparing for this day! Since I felt this was a big birthday I figured I would go all out!!! I decided to get him 30 things that reminded me of him. I thought it was going to be pretty easy, 30 things didn't seem too hard when it comes to my husband, but after 24 I had to get pretty creative!!! It was a blast putting it all together and watching him "open" all the gifts! My favorite gift and I believe Nick's as well, was the 30 years of memories book. I got all of our family and his closest friends to write their favorite memory or story of Nick! The stories made Nick laugh and cry! Thank you to all that helped me out to get everything done. I COULDN'T have done it with out you! Here are a few pictures from his birthday! Do you like the tin foil wrapping paper? I LOVE IT! ha ha!

I got nick an entire 7" cake of his favorite dessert...White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory! Sinfully delicious! Here are a few pictures that I took of the book. There are about 8 more pages other than these! Can we say TIME CONSUMING?!?!? It was totally worth it!

Not only did he get 30 gifts, a book, and a lunch date with his two favorite people (Crew and I!!), I am also taking him to Las Vegas next week for a birthday getaway! We are going with 2 of his closest friends he has had for almost 18 years! We are so excited! I can't wait to PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR!!! I'll post pictures when we get back!!! HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY BABE! I LOVE YA!

Monday, October 6, 2008


Thanks Stac! I needed a good TAG!!! Gotta love them! The tag is this: you have to go to your fourth picture file and to your fourth picture and share about it. So here is mine:

Now I have to be honest I have a MILLION pictures of Booduh but this is one of my favorite ones! He was 2 months old here and just a little furry fireball! Kinda like he is now, just a little bigger! HE IS THE CUTEST PUPPY EVER!!! I remember this day! It was our first year of being married and our second month having Booduh! We went to my parents house for my birthday and since we were in Vegas he got so hot that any shade he could find he would "hop" his way to it! Yes HOP! He was so small that in even the shortest grass he would have to hop through it! It was so dang cute! He looked like a furry frog!!! I know it may sound dumb to some people,(except you Stac!)but Booduh really felt like my first born. He is ALWAYS so happy to see me, he loves me Unconditionally, he has and I hope always will be here for me! He is a true friend! I can't image my life right now without him. He brings such a fun vibe to our home. Even if he is sometimes naughty, he is still my BEST FRIEND!! WE LOVE YOU BOODY! PS Look at those ears. I love them! I kept the little curls from his first haircut! I told you he was my first "born"!!!
Ok so I now TAG: Tara, Holly, Becky C., & Bree!

Friday, October 3, 2008



ME and MY BFF!

I love my little man! Who ever knew being a mom would be THIS fun! I knew it would be fun but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Crew is into everything and keeps me on my toes! He is the best baby anyone could ever ask for! I just had to write something about my little guy today cause I am feeling so blessed to have him here with me! I am so lucky to be HIS mom! I love you BEST FRIEND! ( He doesn't know it yet but I am his best friend too!!! FOREVER! ha ha)