Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's time to spill the beans....

and this little guy will be a BIG BROTHER!!!!!

We are so excited to add another addition to our family! We have known for quite sometime but have wanted to wait to make sure we were 100% sure!! I am in my second trimester and feeling so much better than the first! I wasn't feeling very well for most of the first trimester, a little bit of nausea will do that to ya! The second trimester has started off A LOT better so I am really excited to get my energy back up into High gear!!! Here's to the next 20+ weeks to go! We will find out what we are having in 3 weeks!!! YEAH!!! We love you all!! XO

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July

This 4th of July was just our little family! We went to breakfast in the morning and then spent the afternoon at Seven Peaks Water park. It was so fun! Crew loved the big slides! He laughed the ENTIRE way down!! That night we didn't feel like a BBQ so we headed to the good ol' O.G.! (Olive Garden) Around 8:30 pm Crew was starting to get tired but I was not going to let him sleep with out seeing some FIREWORKS!!! Well little did I know that he was more interested in the Pop Rock things than the actual fireworks!!! Maybe next year he will get to actually see the BIG fireworks!!

The Big 2-5!!!!

Yep that's right I turned the big 2-5 on July 7th!!! I can't believe that I am 25. Really I know it isn't that old, but the sound of saying 25 really creeps me out. This means I can't say I'm in my EARLY 20's, now I am in my MID 20's!!! Crazy!! Thanks to all my wonderful family and friends that made this birthday special! Another year older... let's see where this year takes me! Love you all!!

(My girls took me to Cheesecake Factory the day before!!! XO!)