Monday, January 26, 2009

January 2009

There is not enough time in each day to get EVERYTHING DONE! One of those things on my list was to post something on here and I never got around to it. So I am going to make this one big post of the highlights of our month!!! Here they are:

Crew is WALKING!!!!

Crew also learned how to go DOWN the stairs ALL BY HIMSELF. Self taught!!! Kinda scary but it is so funny to see him slide down on his tummy!!!

Crew went sledding for the first time!! It was so much fun! He laughed the entire way down and wanted to play in the snow all day!

Crew also likes to make silly faces and drink from mommy's cup!!

I made a blanket for a good friend of mine, Shar, for her soon to be little boy! It was my first one I have ever made and I am pretty impressed with myself. I am not that good but I think it turned out really cute!!!

We went to the mall and rode the carousel for the first time!!!

Can't forget about Booduh!

Those are just a few things that have been happening around our humble abode!

Friday, January 9, 2009


It's that time of the year where EVERYONE IS SICK!!! Well I thought my little family was doing good all until about 2 days ago when Crew woke up not being able to breathe very well. I called his doctor and rushed him in. They diagnosed him him RSV right there. They did 2 oxygen tests on him and they weren't looking very good. So we did a suction treatment. CREW HATED IT! I was almost in tears because we had to hold him down while they stuck a tube in each nostril and sucked everything out of his lungs. Poor guy, almost clogged the machine with all the crap in his chest and nose. After that we did some more oxygen and then took the test again. He went up a few points and his wheezing while breathing wasn't as bad. But there was still a lot of wheezing is his lungs and lots of stuff still coming out of his nose. They sent us home to see how he does until the next day. Well anyone that knows Crew knows he is SO HAPPY ALL THE TIME. A little unusual for a kid that has RSV. He is such a good little boy. He slept for about 3 hours after the doctors appointment and woke up wanting to eat and play with Booduh and all his toys! What a Trooper! He woke up the next morning still wheezing a little but looking a lot better. His oxygen levels were about the same but with a lot more energy! Well as he was eating a cracker that day I thought I saw something stuck on the inside of his mouth. So as the good mom that I am, or thought at the time, I reached in to get it out. Well to my surprise it was not a stuck piece of food at all.... it was a FULL MOLAR! I had no idea that he was even getting that one in. He is such a good boy that it scares me that he won't tell me when he is in real pain. The molars are supposed to be one of the worst and I never knew he was getting ready to get it let alone HAVE IT FULLY IN!!!! I love Crew and am so thankful for the strong little guy he is! What did we do to get one of the most precious angels from up above??? We love you Crew and are so happy you are hanging in there! Get better soon! LOVE YOU!

P.S. Today he woke up chipper as always!!! Still contagious but getting better quickly!!! Thank you to those who have called to check in on him! We love you!

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Resolutions for '09

1. Watch more television. Read less.

2. Eat more cheeseburgers and other fast food.

3. Don't exercise one wit.

4. Don't answer the phone when someone from the Relief Society or bishopric calls.

5. Call the bishop on Monday nights and unload all my problems.

6. Forgive less. Stew more.

7. Call parents daily to remind them who their favorite daughter is.

8. Stop signaling when turning left or right.

9. Block the aisles with my shopping cart at the grocery store while looking for what I need.

10. End every sentence with: "You do the math."

11. Spend more time on the internet blogging and facebooking.

**(PS this was all for laughs! It's not true! Well maybe all but #7! ha ha!)**

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

We had such a great holiday season this year. After Crew's first birthday we had non-stop holiday traditions to keep up on. First we had our annual Odom Kids Party. The kids love it so much! This year we made hygiene kits. I think we made almost 80 kits! It was so fun to see all the kids in the assembly line, putting everything in bags and knowing they were helping someone in need. Here are all 19 of them with grandma and grandpa Odom. (#20, Baby boy, is on it's way due in March! Thanks Britt!)

Nick and I went to "The Christmas Carol" at Hale Center Theater. We love it and it puts you in the best Christmas mood!Next fun holiday outing was the Nutcracker! My beautiful niece, Courtney, was the main dancer, Clara. She did such a great job. I am so proud of all my nieces and nephews! Way to go Court!

Next was Christmas Eve! Since the Odom side is so massive we all get together for Christmas Eve, and leave Christmas day to the family! Every year we have dinner, a reading of, "Jake's Orange" from grandma, and a talent show. It is the best tradition. The kids get really excited to show off their "skills"! This year we got a treat from Dave Odom. He wrote a song, sang it, while playing the guitar! It was awesome! Super funny! We also got the karaoke machine out and sang Christmas songs! Every year the kids get pajamas from grandma and Grandpa Odom. They all match and it makes a perfect Christmas picture! Well this year to our surprise the adults got matching pj's as well! SO FUN! We all changed right away into our pj's and ended the night with gift giving between all the cousins! We went home and had an early Christmas for our little family. We opened up all our gifts early because the next day, Christmas Day, we are flying to Las Vegas! Crew LOVED every second of opening the gifts. He didn't really care about the wrapping like we thought he would. He wanted to be ON TOP of all his toys! He was so funny! We had a great Christmas Eve. together as a family! The only bad news was that my family cat of 15 years, Copper, had to be put to sleep that afternoon. He was almost 80 in cat years so he lived a great life. He was sick and needed to be put out of all his pain. We love you Copper and will miss you dearly!

Christmas morning we woke up early and headed off to the airport. Crew got sick in the car and threw up all over his new clothes, blanket and car seat. Needless to say we cleaned up what we could changed his shirt and headed off to catch our plane. We got in about 30 minutes late due to bad weather, but we made it there! We had a fun afternoon as a family with my side opening gifts, watching movies, and playing Guitar Hero! We feel so blessed to have such amazing family and friends to spend these precious moments together! Thank you to all for the love and support you have given us this past year! It has been hard for everyone but with faith and support from all around we can all make it through!

New Years Eve. was spent with some of our dearest friends! We went to Benihana's restaurant. It was a lot of fun. Except crew was not feeling well and was cranky the ENTIRE TIME! He was not having it at all! So after that we went to The Evan's and watched the countdown to the New Year... 2009 BABY! I can't wait to have another year of great memories together with my husband, Crew, Booduh, family, and friends! Here is to a ROCKIN' 2009!!!!