Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I can't believe you are TWO!!

(Sorry this is the latest picture I have since my camera is M.I.A)

There is so much going on right now and little time to discuss even a little so I am going to for go the last month or so and talk about my little BIRTHDAY BOY!!!!

I am sitting here while Crew is asleep and I can't imagine life without him. Through all the messes, tantrums, and diapers the "I LOVE YOU MOMMY" that he says to me daily makes all of those things disappear. It was 2 years ago today that he came into my life and I wouldn't have it any other way! I remember holding him in my arms for the first time and thinking, " is this angel really mine?" Yes!! He is! I am so grateful to be his mom! He teaches me more and more each day. He is such a special little boy, and he is MINE FOREVER! He is such a "mama's boy" even with his daddy around he still comes to me and says, " Mommy, hold you?!?" How can you resist those sweet words?
I can't wait to see him as a big brother. Not too much longer and I will have another little angel here to love and hold. I have to be honest I am going to really miss being with Crew, just us two. He is my little buddy. We do everything together and we are never far apart. Ever since he broke his leg, ( Yes! you read that right. I haven't had a camera so I have no pictures yet. He is in a cast for the next 2 weeks for a total of 3 weeks. He actually started walking on it today!! Yeah for birthday surprises!) I have had to adjust to doing everything for him again. It has not been easy but I love that he has needed me again, like he did about a year ago! There is nothing better than to give service to your child. I love it and love the joy he gets from everything I do for him.( well, most everything!!!)
So here is to my little man who is 2 today!! Crew, Mommy loves you! Happy birthday!!
I hope you like all your trucks, cars, and train set! You are truly ALL BOY! Can't wait to take you to your party tonight at Pirate Island Pizza!! I love you! You are my BEST FRIEND!!!! XOXOXOXO

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So I admit, I have been M.I.A!!! I do have a lot of excuses for why. Here we go...

1. I am Pregnant and sometimes don't feel like blogging!
2. Remodeling the house has taken a toll on me!
3. Didn't feel like it!
4. Trying to get things ready for baby girl to get here!

Even though I haven't been blogging I HAVE been taking pictures!! So here are some of my favorites from the past few months!!!

Helping mom clean... with a swim diaper on his head!!! :)

Our little THIEF.. as we were checking out of the grocery store we noticed that Crew was being WAY TOO QUIET. THIS was the reason, he had taken a candy bar off the shelf and started eating it!!! Don't worry we went back and paid for it!

Crew being silly!

CREW IS IN A BIG BOY BED!!!! He loves it! He also loves to come into mom and dad's room and say " Whatcha doin'?" every morning!!! I love it!
We sold the Audi!!! Down to one car for awhile! Nick loves taking the bus/train! Really he does!

Belly pictures... 22 weeks here! At my 25 week apt i had only gained a total of 5 lbs! I am so happy!!! There is nothing better than to not gain a ton of weight!! Indie is treating mommy good! She will get a BIG prize when she comes out! :)

Date night with Crew! We went to Thanksgiving Point Kids Museum and then to the Deli for Dinner and a BIG Ice cream Sundae! YUMMY!

Crew is going to be a Pirate for Halloween this year! We had our ward "Chili Cook-off" and the kids were supposed to dress up. Too bad it was FREEZING the day we had it. Oh well the good news was that MY CHILI WON!!!!! OH YEAH! I knew it would! I am pretty domestic so I had a feeling!!! :) ha ha!! (OK maybe I'm not THAT domestic but I sure do try!!)

We have had a pretty eventful past few months and only a couple more months til baby Indie is here! We have so much to do with NO TIME AT ALL! I will try to keep you updated as we get closer to her arrival!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A sweet tooth craving

Well maybe not from the pregnant one but from DADDY! Nick has been craving a doughnut! Not just ANY doughnut either. So for family night we indulged his sweet tooth and went to...

We had such a great time! It was funny how many pictures we took for the short time we were there!!! I guess we figured we had to remember Crew's first Krispy Kreme?!? Thanks to Krispy Kreme for over sugar rush and great family night!

NIGHT NIGHT! Sleep tight....

What's under the bed? Well, it may sound like a scary book to send your kid off the dreamland with but Crew ABSOLUTELY loves it! He now knows the book and will "read" it back to us. It is the cutest thing you have ever seen! He will walk around during the day, stop dead in his tracks, look at you from the corner of his eye, and say, "What's that? What's that?" Then start to laugh hysterically! I just love him and his great sense of humor!! Night Night! TIME FOR BED CREW!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The stork is bringing us....

We could not be more thrilled!!! Now for the fun and EXPENSIVE part.... SHOPPING!!! I am off to find this princess her first outfit!!! Then it's planning the nursery!! I may have to take on a second job or maybe even a third... but it will ALL BE WORTH IT!!! Love you all! We can not wait to bring her into this world! Her big brother doesn't know what he is in for!!! Can't wait to see what the future holds!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's time to spill the beans....

and this little guy will be a BIG BROTHER!!!!!

We are so excited to add another addition to our family! We have known for quite sometime but have wanted to wait to make sure we were 100% sure!! I am in my second trimester and feeling so much better than the first! I wasn't feeling very well for most of the first trimester, a little bit of nausea will do that to ya! The second trimester has started off A LOT better so I am really excited to get my energy back up into High gear!!! Here's to the next 20+ weeks to go! We will find out what we are having in 3 weeks!!! YEAH!!! We love you all!! XO

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July

This 4th of July was just our little family! We went to breakfast in the morning and then spent the afternoon at Seven Peaks Water park. It was so fun! Crew loved the big slides! He laughed the ENTIRE way down!! That night we didn't feel like a BBQ so we headed to the good ol' O.G.! (Olive Garden) Around 8:30 pm Crew was starting to get tired but I was not going to let him sleep with out seeing some FIREWORKS!!! Well little did I know that he was more interested in the Pop Rock things than the actual fireworks!!! Maybe next year he will get to actually see the BIG fireworks!!

The Big 2-5!!!!

Yep that's right I turned the big 2-5 on July 7th!!! I can't believe that I am 25. Really I know it isn't that old, but the sound of saying 25 really creeps me out. This means I can't say I'm in my EARLY 20's, now I am in my MID 20's!!! Crazy!! Thanks to all my wonderful family and friends that made this birthday special! Another year older... let's see where this year takes me! Love you all!!

(My girls took me to Cheesecake Factory the day before!!! XO!)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Swimming Pool

We tested out Crew's new cool pool today!!! Boy does he love it and so do I! We had a blast today! We got out our chairs, umbrella, and Ipod and rocked it outside!! Then we had a little turkey dog BBQ for lunch!!! After about 2 hours playing hard core Crew was wiped out! I love hangin with my BEST FRIEND! We have so much fun together! I love being a mom!!!

Booduh got to come and enjoy the festivities too!! And of course he went straight to the SHADE!!! Love you BOODY!