Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Recipes, please!

OK so I am in a major need of new, easy, yummy, and healthy recipes! I cook basically the same dang things each week... tacos, chicken and rice, cereal, grilled cheese, and pasta. Boring, I know. And boy does my husband now that all to well. Every time we go to the store he states we eat the same things and don't venture out. And I always kindly reply," well find me a recipe you want me to try out and I will cook it!" It's a lovely conversation every shopping experience we have! So needless to say, I would love some easy but yummy recipes. So if anyone has a good one for me to try out please send it to me! Nick (and myself) would greatly appreciate it! Ciao!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Lots of love

This is my little man! I just can't get enough of him! He is the best baby ever. He is so happy and full of life! He smiles so much now and is even laughing a little bit! He loves to talk to his daddy! They talk about how their days went every single day! Nick and I just can't believe how much we love this little guy! He is our world! WE LOVE HIM!!!

Congrats Peck!!

So this last week I flew down to Vegas, with Crew of course, to surprise my family with a little visit. When we arrived we went straight over to my sister's Paralegal Graduation ceremony. When we got there everyone was so surprised, Kennedy even cried! It was great! My family hadn't seen Crew or I since he was just a few days old. Everyone was so surprised and excited to see baby Crew. My grandparents hadn't ever met him, so that was a real treat. I think we surprised Kennedy the most cause when we walked in her face went white and she started to cry! She loves her nephew so much, she asks for pictures of him every single day! SO CUTE! So this is the reason I am writing, to tell my sister how much I love her and how proud Nick and I are of her accomplishment in graduating from Paralegal school in just 6 months! AMAZING! My sister is such an amazing person. She will do most anything for anybody! Especially me!! I love her so much and am so happy to see her fulfill her dreams and desires. I miss her so much and wish that she lived closer. That will be in due time I hope! Peck, I love you!!! Congratulations! For those that are wondering why I call her Peck, it's cause when we were younger we would watch the movie, Willow, and there is a part in there where the robber guy is hanging in a cage and starts calling Willow, Peck. So for some odd reason we started calling her that, and it has stuck for almost 13 years or more. We love our Peck! Here are some cute pictures from her graduation. You can tell who the first granchild was. Kaitlyn wanted to be in every picture! Gotta love her!

Kennedy was by far the youngest one to graduated in her class!

Great Grandma & Pa Waite with 3 of their great grankids! Aidan just loved Crew. It was like they were buddies up in heaven. They are only 15 weeks apart. So cute!
Grandpa and KK! Best buddies!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tag You're It!!

Okeedokee! So I was tagged by my good friend, Nikki Tolman. Read ahead, and it will explain. A.)The rules of the game are posted at the beginning. B.)Each player answers the questions about themselves. C.) At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago: Ten years ago I was 14 years old!!! I was just about to get my drivers permit! Scary... watch out!!!
2. 5 things on my to-do list today: Feed Crew every 3-4 hours, chill with my family ( I am in Veags right now), make my delicious Buffalo Wings, watch Lost, & call my husband!
3. What snacks do I enjoy: Oreo's in milk, pretzels, cinnamon rolls, dried mangos, & basically any gummy candies!
4. What would I do if I were suddenly a billionaire: I would buy my dream home ( I have everything written down to the exact layout!!), pay off cars, travel for months at a time, buy vacation homes, get a personal trainer, hairstylist, makeup artist, cook, etc... basically I would be a white Oprah!!
5. 3 bad habits: Ok so are these habits that my husband says I have or that I think I have? I will go with myself.. ok so, I sometimes get this scratch in my throat and I make this sound that everyone seems to hate, but hey it gets the job done and gets it done fast!! I love to sleep, so that could be good and bad on its own. Finally, I HATE cleaning the bathroom and putting away the laundry. It will sit in the dryer for days!! Not joking.
6. 5 places I've lived: Las Vegas, NV; Sandy, UT; Draper, UT; Lehi, UT; & Idaho Falls, ID
7. 5 jobs I've had: Tanning Salon Front Desk, Executive Assistant, Retail Sales, & Hair Stylist... the only one that has really lasted more than 1 year!!
8. 5 thing people don't know about me: Let's see... I am really shy!! Ok that was a lie, I am trying to think of things cause I am pretty much an open book!! Not to many people know that I might want to adopt a child one day. I was my High School Jr. class President. I didn't go to my Senior Prom. Ok not cause I didn't get asked... it's a long story! I can't wait to see Nick's boat accident in slow motion in Heaven, I just have to see it for myself. I make Nick sing duets with me! (Alladin- A whole new world... Moulin Rouge- most all of the songs on that CD... ETC!) And last but not least I graduated with Honors and at the top of my class!!! OH YEAH!
Ok, so I am now going to tag Amanda, Allison, Holly, Kelie, Staci, & Ashlee. I LOVE YOU ALL!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Men In My Life...

Since today is Valentine's day I thought I would express the love that I have for the men in my life! First I want to express my love to my Best friend, my eternal companion, my husband, Nick! Nick, I love you so much! You mean the world and more to me. You have always been here for me when I needed someone the most. We have had so many great times together, the bad ones I can't really even remember! From our first blind date I knew you were special. Then I think after the 3rd date, I knew you were the one for me. Even though you didn't know, I knew it and knew I would have to let you take your time to figure it out! I would never let go of you! You are my knight in shining armor! I love you with all my heart and am so proud to say that I am your wife. You are such an amazing father to our son and I can see how much you love him just in your smile. I love that your testimony is so strong, it helps keep us on track! I hope you know how much you mean to me and how much I love you! You are my best friend forever!!! I LOVE YOU!
To my son, Crew! Crew, I know you can't read this yet but one day you will and I just want you to know how much your mommy loves you! You are the light in my life! I have wanted to be a mommy forever and you have made me one! I love having you with me at every moment of every day! When you were in my belly I would sit and wonder what you would look like, if I would be a good mom, and how I could love someone so much when they weren't even born yet. Let me tell you, I love you even more than that. I can't wait to see you grow up, but please don't grow to fast. Your smile brings so much joy to my life! I LOVE YOU SWEETHEART!

To my Dad. Dad, I just want you to know that no matter what age I am, I will always be your little girl! I love you so much and am so grateful for the love and support you have given me in my life. I have always looked up to you and wanted to find someone with your same qualities. I think I nailed it on the head, a little too much. Watch what you wish for huh? :) I just want you to know how happy I am to make you a Grandpa! Little Crew loves you so much already! He gets to hear the song that his grandpa sang to his mommy when she was growing up, and he loves it! I love you so much and couldn't ask for a better dad and/or role model for Trevor, Kennedy, and I. And also for all the grandkids! I LOVE YOU DADDY!
To my brother, Trevor. Trev, what can I say? I just love you! I love that we are only 17 months apart. It made growing up so fun! We got to share so many precious moments together that not many siblings do. You will always be one of my best friends, no matter what. I am so proud of you! You are an amazing father and husband. I am so happy to see you so happy!I can't wait for our kids to grow up and be good friends. I LOVE YOU!

To my father-in-law, Larry. Larry, what can I say? I love my in laws! You are such a special part of our lives. We love you so much and are so grateful for all the love and support you give our little family. I am so thankful that my husband had a loving father at home to show him how to respect and love women. You taught him how to be a good priesthood holder and to love the gospel. We love you so much!
To my dog, Booduh. Boody, you are my first born! You came into my life at the perfect time. You make our house feel like home! Even though you are so naughty at times, I still love you to pieces. My bestest friend! Now that you have your little brother to watch over, I can see that you are taking your responsibilities to heart. You are such a good boy! I can't imagine you not apart of this family! I LOVE YOU MOO!

This is why I lived in Vegas!!

What an eventful afternoon I had yesterday! I went for a much needed girls lunch with my good friends, Ashlee and Staci, to good ol' Chili's! We had some yummy food and then decided to venture out and take Staci to Scrooge & Marley's. A home decor place in Lehi!(They usually have the same things as Rod works, but cheaper!) Anyway... we went there and then decided to go to the oh so girly store, Dear Lizzie, up in Alpine. As we were driving to Dear Lizzie it stated to look like it was going to snow. Not an abnormal day for us here in Utah. So we are in the store looking around at all the cute and oh so expensive, girly things and BAM! It is a blizzard outside. A complete white out! You can't see the car in front of you. Well, we were trying to decide which way to get home. Should we take Alpine Highway (usually the fastest way) or go around and take the freeway? So we decided to try to brave Alpine Highway! Mind you we have 2 precious pieces of cargo in the car, 2 little baby boys!! Crew, 2 months old & Easton, 4 months old. So we turn onto the highway, What were we thinking??? You can't see anything...literally! It was so scary that we decided to turn right back into the parking lot and go a different route. While almost getting hit by cars that didn't have their lights on, idiots I tell you idiots, we managed to get back into the parking lot! So we decided to go the other route, Plan B... the freeway! So we get onto the freeway and it is bumper to bumper going about 3 miles per hour! We are on the freeway for about 2 hours before we get off on our exit, which by the way was only 2 exits away from where we started. we finally get to the light to turn right and everyone is stuck. Tires are peeling out, cars are sliding everywhere, and our windshield wipers are ICE!! So now I get out of the car in the 70 mph winds to try to get the ice off the wipers and the window. Could we say FREEZING?? And the best part is that I was in heels! So we get the windshield to the point where we can see out of it and try to go around everyone that is stuck. Stac manages her way around all the chaos, until the next light that is. So now we are at the entrance of where we live and we can't get up the hill. After getting stuck twice already, almost getting hit by 3 cars, and some whining from the back seat, we are stuck AGAIN! This time it's major! We can't make it up the hill without assistance. Thank goodness for the 7, yeah you heard me right the 7 men, that had to basically push us up the hill. Not a small task. it took one hour to get from the entrance to the stop sign, which isn't very far. Needless to say we didn't stop at the stop sign! At this point Crew hadn't eaten in 5 almost 6 hours. For everyone that breast feeds, you know what kind of pain i was in being that full!!! OUCH! The good news.... we got home SAFE! Maybe not fast but at least we were safe! What an incredible day! One we won't forget that is for sure! So here are some pictures from when we got home. They don't give it any justice but they do show the white out! When is it going to be summer again????

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Rachel Thurston Photography! WOW, is all I can say. Rachel is one of Nick's closest friends from way back in high school! She is one of the most talented photographers I know. She took some of the most amazing pictures of Crew! There are so many absolutely adorable pictures that I had a hard time choosing just one.... so here are a few of my favorites!!! If you would like to see more of her photos (on her blog there are more pictures of Crew too!!) or get some pictures taken by her go to.... www.rachelthurston.com
Rach you ROCK! Thanks again for the lifetime keepsakes! We will treasure them forever!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


We are happy to announce the birth of our son, Crew! He was born on December 2, 2007 weighing 7 lbs. He came into this world so happy and healthy! Especially for being 3 weeks to the day early! We love him so much! Crew is growing so fast, I can hardly believe that he is 2 months now! Nick seems to think he is 2 years old cause he tries to tickle him all the time and I try to tell him that he isn't going to laugh yet!!! Silly dad! Nick just loves his boy so much and you can see it in everything he does. What a blessing it is to have such an amazing husband and father for my children! He doesn't even mind changing the biggest blowouts either!!! #1 Dad!!! Crew's older "brother", Booduh is one of his biggest fans ever! Well I can't say at the very beginning he was, but now he is!! He use to use Crew as his stool to jump onto things! So naughty! Booduh thought Crew was the invisible man! He now loves to go kiss him when he is crying! It is so precious!!Well this is the start of our blogging experience! Can't wait to post more!!! I am afraid I will be addicted so watch out!!!