Thursday, May 22, 2008


Did I hear it right? Cook over Archuleta?!? David Archuleta was ROBBED last night of the title of American Idol Winner 2008! I am so mad! He is by far the better singer. I think the voting was rigged anyway. When I tried to call in I sometimes was sent to an operator or I was calling and nothing was heard on the other end. I am so upset. I thought for sure he was going to win! David Cook is so fake. He does his stupid fake cry where there are no REAL tears. LAME! With 97.5 Million votes I guess you can be happy that millions of people voted for you and you know you will put out an AMAZING record! Especially with the preformance he did with One Republic. Words can't express how amazing he was. That song was the best of the night. David Archuleta is MY AMERICAN IDOL!!! A few girls and I went to the Energy Solutions Arena (aka The Delta Center!) and watched the Live finale. We were so excited to be there! It took us back to being in High School! We caught ourselves some American Idol and David Archuleta T-shirts. Here are a few pictures from the fun filled evening. After the loss we had to go eat ourselves out of depression so we went to Chili's for some good ol' chips and salsa and the ever so delicious... Chocolate Molten Cake! YUMM! We sure did feel a little better after that! Thanks Ash, Kaite, Sandi, Brad, and Katie's Mom for a night of fun!! Next year we are heading for the LIVE finale in LA! YEAH!!
Yep that's us outside David Archuleta's House!!!

Us with our Idol shirts and signs!

We Love David!

Monday, May 12, 2008


So it was my very first official Mother's Day yesterday! (I say official because I was kind of a mother to my dog for the last 2 Mother's Days!) We had a good time at Nick's brother,Dave's, house. We had a BBQ and enjoyed just being around the family and of course watching the Jazz Playoff game! (WE WON IN OVERTIME!!!! Yeah! Go Jazz!!!) When we left and came back home we got Crew ready for bed, and then I started to think. I AM A MOM! Wow! I love my own mother and mother-in-law so much and am so grateful for them. They do so much for our little family. We love you guys and are so happy to have you as our mothers! I just can't express how much I love being a mother myself. My little guy is truly one of the biggest blessings in my life. He makes me so happy. He is the happiest baby I have ever seen. He smiles at everyone he sees. Someone told me that if his face isn't smiling than his eyes are. I think that is so true. He brings so much joy into our lives. Being a mom is a HUGE accomplishment in my life. I feel at times like Crew was sent to me to teach me how to do things not the other way around. The love I have for him is unexplainable. It beams throughout my soul. I feel like a little kid in a candy shop when I am with him, I just can't get enough. Being a mom is so fulfilling, even if I don't get to get all the laundry done in one day or clean the bathroom, or better yet take a shower. He makes it so worth it! There isn't anything I would rather be doing than being a mom to such a wonderful 5 month old! Crew, thank you for coming down and being such an amazing little man! You bring me so much joy! Words can't express how much your father and I love you! You bring a smile to our faces each and everyday! I hope you know that we are always here for you and want you to grow into a strong young man! WE LOVE YOU! I love being your mom and I hope that I can teach you how to love as you have done for me! With all the love I have, I love you! Love, Your Mom!

Friday, May 9, 2008

My new favorite place....

HARMON'S!! The new location off of Bangerter is simply amazing! Nick and I went there just to see how much closer it was to our house as well as get some diapers. Well we left with MUCH more!!! Dinner for both of us, only $4.99 each and it was better than any fast food restaurant. It was so incredible. I couldn't believe that it was a grocery store when we walked in. So impeccably done.The store was spotless and it had everything I needed and much more. It is my new Costco!! And get this. It even has a culinary school upstairs. That's right it has a second story in the grocery store. You can buy your food from the little bistro and then go eat it there as well! The upstairs has a fireplace and professional kitchen with glass windows to look in and watch. They also offer cooking classes! I would love to go to a few. I can't say enough about this place!! I LOVE IT!!! GO HARMON'S!!!