Monday, April 27, 2009


I had to give my niece her birthday gift early while I was in Vegas, because I wasn't going to be there on her actual birthday! I had the idea to make her a tutu since she loved the Fancy Nancy books so much. perfect gift for her! We had a little photo shoot RIGHT after she got it! It was so fun! She was a perfect little "poser" for the shoot!!! KK (Kaitlyn) thought she was a Princess for the day! I am so glad she liked it! She kept telling me that she pinky swore that she wouldn't get it dirty! I love her!!!! Happy early 4th Birthday Kaitlyn!!! I love you!

First Time....

Making a cake like this:

I think it turned out pretty good!!!!! It sure was tasty!!! Thanks to a friend for the exact recipe from Nothing Bundt Cakes ( White Chocolate Raspberry Cake). Now on to other recipes and masterpieces!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gettin' into EVERYTHING

There are a few things that Crew likes to do.... 1. Get into everything 2. GET INTO EVERYTHING! He loves loves my jewelry box, which now I can't open because he shoved something in there and I can't open it to find out what it is!! FANTASTIC!!

He is also IN LOVE with his dog! He cries for Booduh all the time! It is so precious! He will just run after him and attack him with hugs and kisses! Of course, Booduh LOVES it and attacks back with lots of licking!!!!

Last but not least he loves to spend time with his daddy!!! His new obsession is trying to play the guitar with daddy!

Easter 2009

Happy Easter!!! I know it's a little late but better late than never, right? Our Easter day was calm. We got up and went to church, then came home and looked for eggs, took a nap, made some Easter treats, went on a Sunday drive, and came home and had a good dinner! Kinda weird not spending any part of the day with our families, but whatever! Can't wait til next year when Crew actually gets the whole Easter bunny thing!!!