Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Potty Training!!

I think this has to be the worst and hardest part of parenting, so far! I really don't like this whole potty training thing! It is SO hard! Day one was probably one of the hardest days to get through thus far with kids. Crew did NOT potty on the toilet once, NOT ONCE!!! We did so many fun and creative things to try to get him excited and wanting to "pee pee on the potty". Nothing worked I tell ya! We colored the water blue so that when he peed it turned green. Didn't work. Shampoo to make bubbles. Didn't work. Fruit loops for targets. Didn't work, although he loved seeing them being flushed away! Read books, sang songs, etc. nothing worked! As day one went on he at least got closer to the potty when peeing our pants! By the end of the day he went from peeing on the couch and floors to peeing right NEXT to the potty! Oh the joys! Day two turned out to give us 2 success pee pees in the potty, but no poopies! We were THRILLED! We jumped up and down, had a party in the bathroom! Hooray! Potty on the toilet! He got any treat he wanted and got a "Coney aka Coraline" sticker to put on his potty chart! Day 3 something must have kinda clicked cause we got a 50-60% success rate that day! Still no poopies! Nap time was a success too.. not a drop! I think he is starting to get it or he just loves getting all the attention and treats!! Today is day four and we have not had ANY accidents (so far, knock on wood). We still have not gotten a number 2 but all pee pee has gone DOWN the toilet not in his pants!! YEAH! I am so happy! This still is so hard trying to take care of a 8 week old baby and asking my 27 month old every 15-30 minutes if he has to go "pee pee on the potty!!!" I am hoping this stage doesn't last forever! Cause I am already OVER IT!!! Can't wait to get one out of diapers! Here is to a successful potty training week!

Maybe the dragon is helping him pee!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010


We finally got some decent weather to take Crew to the park! Yeah for not snowing!! Here is a picture (I took with my phone so it's not the best quality) of ow he felt about being outside and doing his favorite thing to do at the park... SWING!!!

We sure can't wait for it to ALWAYS be nice around here!

Super Model...


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Burr!! It's COLD outside!

When you can't take HER to the park:

You do THIS:

IN YOUR BACKYARD!!!! WE had so much fun!!! Easily entertained!! :)


Aren't I so cute? I am smiling so early and my mommy and daddy LOVE IT! I think they like me! They are always in my face saying really funny things with really high voices! They crack me up! Love you mommy and daddy! XOXO- Your smiley little girl!


I am so sick of Utah winter I could SCREAM! There are many reasons for that statement but the main one right now is because this winter brought a lot of sickness to my home. Right now Crew, Indie, and myself are very sick and Nick is starting he downward spiral. I feel so bad because my little 2 year old and 6 week old baby are both snot faced and coughing up there lungs. The worst part is I can't really help much at all, cause I am in their same boat. Why do mom's have to get sick? All I really want is to help my little ones get better and I can't get better myself to even help them. I feel horrible hearing them cough. Crew has to be on breathing treatments to help loosen everything so he isn't wheezing and Indie has to be suctioned before and after every feeding to be able to swallow and breathe. Both are on antibiotics and I am hoping that it starts to work very fast. The Dr. said they both have a little redness and water in their ears. Not a full on ear infection but the start on one. As well as the flu. Which can very quickly turn into RSV. Scares me to death. I stayed up the first night Indie came down with her cough to make sure she was breathing all night. I have heard way to many horror stories and I didn't want my baby to be one of those. Maybe it's the new mom in me, but I wouldn't have gotten good sleep anyway.
Another reason Utah's winter sucks is because we can't GO OUTSIDE!!!! Well, we can if we want to take an hour to get the kids in their gear. Seems like a lot of work for the little time we will be out there. Esp. when daddy isn't home during the day to help!!
Needless to say I AM OVER WINTER! I want to be able to go running, walking, swimming, etc. without worrying if when I come home we will all be sick again! PLEASE GO AWAY WINTER! BRING ON THE SPRING!! The END!
**(sorry another post with no pictures. Busy Ly-soling the house instead of taking pictures this week!!)**