Monday, December 13, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

So here is our family Christmas card! Sorry to say that NO ONE will be recieving one from us this year. I was so busy with Birthdays and family stuff that it is now too late to get them sent out!! Lame, I know! But alteast you get to see how cute it would have been!!! We love you all and hope your Christmas and New Year is filled with love and laughter! XXOOooxXo

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Back in action!

Ok so maybe not this very moment... but I wanted to hurry and post a quick update on our family. SO much has been going on... so much actually that I am going to leave that for another post that is going to be MUCH longer than this one... but I do have PICTURES!!!!!!!!! Here is a peek at how "things" are going around here!!!

Aren't they so cute!?!?! I love love love them!!!! Thanks to my cousin Jeanna for taking these! She is amazing! Also Crew just had his 3rd Birthday this week! NExt post will be the update but a little shout out to my Handsome Crewzer Bean!! Love you!! Enjoy the pictures til the next post!!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Crazy, Beautiful, LOVE

Indie got blessed at home on Sat. May 1, 2010. It was such a beautiful blessing and we had all our closest family and friends there to share our special day with us! Indie's fabulous dress was bought while I was in Hawaii and 8 months pregnant with her. Nick's grandma bought it for her and what a gorgeous dress she chose. To be honest I was really nervous about the purchase. A- since I was not there helping choose the dress B- really wasn't sure what to expect. When we got home from our vacation Nick's gandma gave it to me. I was taken back. It was the single most beautiful and stunning dress I had ever seen. It was like she knew exactly what I wanted. LONG and Ornate! That is exaclty what she got! This dress means alot because his grandmother has not done this for too many of her great grandkids and she already knew that Indie was gonna be on her FAVORTIES list! I mean c'mon!?!? How could you not love such a beautiful face? So a special thank you again to Grandma Isgett! We love you and are so greatful for the wonderful dress you got our little angel baby!!XOXOXO

Now that Crew is almost 2.5 years we decided to get his 2 year pictures taken! Well we would have a while ago but that dang eczema was on his lip so we had to wait to take them. But not without some bruses and scratches to show he is a true 2 year old boy...through and through!! I love all the pictures! They are all my favorite!! He is the coolest and cutest little man... and little devil!! Yes, I said it! Did I mention he is two?? Little side story. The other day I decided to venture out with a friend and we went to Joann's for what I thought was going to be a nice and short trip to get a few things I needed to make Indie a dress. Well, that never happens... NICE and SHORT trips into ANY store. About 3 minutes in there Crew already needed to be put into TIME OUT for throwing tons of thread off the shelves! So I proceeded to put him on a chair and walk about 3 steps away so he knew he was in time out but so I could also see him. Then walks by this lady that proceeds to tell me this " Oh he is just way too cute to be in trouble. You can't get mad at such a darling little boy!" I gave her a friendly smile and said, "thanks! He is cute but also very much a two year old." What I really wanted to say was " Oh really? Then why don't you take him and see how he acts for YOU!! Oh and by the way TAKE the 3 month old while you are at it!!" Let's be honest.... do I think my kids are the cutest and greatest things on this earth?? YES!! Are there days I want to throw in the towel?? YES! But I also wouldn't trade motherhood in for anything in the world! I can't get over either of my kids! They are both the greatest gifts I have ever been given!! LOVE YOU CREW & INDIE!!

Special shout to my amazing photographer...and great friend... JULIE BURTON Thank you for sharing your special and amazing talent with my little family! love you forever!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Priceless Pictures

I took these pictures and didn't even realize that Crew and Indie matched! SO CUTE! Just a side note: I have to say now that we have found a solution for Crew's poor lip (he has eczema bad), there is NOTHING better than a wonderful doctor and NOTHING WORSE than a horrible one! We have tried literally everything on his skin to help it not break out during the winter months ( eczema gets way worse in the dry cold.. yeah why do we live in Utah again?). He broke out with this dryness on his lip about the end of December last year and it hasn't gone away. We went to a HORRIBLE dermatologist who basically said he had a "oral fixation" and the it was my fault cause I was not stopping him from touching his lip. IS HE SERIOUS? Does he realize that Crew is two? ALL two year olds drool, touch their face constantly, and most of all if something is itching THEY SCRATCH IT!! I felt so bad that there was nothing that we could do that he hadn't already done. When I say we did everything... literally we did everything we could think of! Well that is until my sweet friend, Ashlee, gave me her dermatologists number. NIGHT AND DAY I tell you! She was the sweetest person ever. She listened to ALL my questions ( and you know I had a million!) She never thought any question was dumb, unlike my other Dr. I was just pleasantly surprised by her bedside manner. By the end of our little visit I wanted to hug her! Really! I think I said "thank you" to her at least 30 times! She told me to give him a Clorox bath once to twice a week and gave me the most amazing lotion to use on his lip. When Nick and I left her office we looked and each other and could not believe this other DUMB Dr. didn't give us ANY of these simple solutions! Well let me tell you... over night his lip started looking better. It has been 3 days of putting the creme on morning and night, and it is ALMOST COMPLETELY GONE! no joke! I want to cry! I have my little boy back! Not that he was ever gone but he was always scratching at his lip and now he has not even touched it once! Morale of this story is: GOOD DOCTORS are few and far in between. I am just glad I have a fabulous OB-GYN, pediatrician, and now dermatologist. Now I need a good dentist and family doctor. ANY suggestions? Thank you Ash for your inspired referral! These pictures are from today.... look at the difference in under a week? AMAZING!! I can't wait to see what 5 more days make it look like! Hope it's completely gone so I can get his 2 year pictures done!!!

Where to sleep?!?

Crew is notorious for coming out of his room when it is time to go to sleep. i find him in random spots ALL THE TIME! Can you find him in the last picture?? He is so funny. He can not handle missing out on any of the fun! I just love him, even if he is stubborn little one! Like father like son!! Gotta love a family filled with stubborn people!!

Yes he is asleep on the stairs! I had to move him this time cause he was kneeling and it looked so uncomfortable!!!

Can't leave out "baby sis". She is such a good baby! How can you not just love that face?? Really? Don't you just want to eat those cheeks! LOVE HER!

Potty Training Update

Update: We have #1 down!!!! No accidents in nearly two weeks!! Now if we could only go #2 on the potty!?!?! He has not even gone ONCE in the potty. Will he ever get this one down? I am over cleaning out "you-know-what" out of his underwear!! SO GROSS!!! Please magic potty fairies come help my little boy go #2 on the toilet!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Glitter Cups

A few weeks go I went with one of my best friends, Staci, to Dear Lizzie for a night of glittering fun! We signed up to do these fabulous glitter cups. They are so girlie and so much fun to have a drink in. I used mine while on a girls trip to Vegas. I am planning on making many more. So maybe you will be the next owner of one of these beauties for a birthday present, baby shower gift, or just for fun!! I love them!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Potty Training!!

I think this has to be the worst and hardest part of parenting, so far! I really don't like this whole potty training thing! It is SO hard! Day one was probably one of the hardest days to get through thus far with kids. Crew did NOT potty on the toilet once, NOT ONCE!!! We did so many fun and creative things to try to get him excited and wanting to "pee pee on the potty". Nothing worked I tell ya! We colored the water blue so that when he peed it turned green. Didn't work. Shampoo to make bubbles. Didn't work. Fruit loops for targets. Didn't work, although he loved seeing them being flushed away! Read books, sang songs, etc. nothing worked! As day one went on he at least got closer to the potty when peeing our pants! By the end of the day he went from peeing on the couch and floors to peeing right NEXT to the potty! Oh the joys! Day two turned out to give us 2 success pee pees in the potty, but no poopies! We were THRILLED! We jumped up and down, had a party in the bathroom! Hooray! Potty on the toilet! He got any treat he wanted and got a "Coney aka Coraline" sticker to put on his potty chart! Day 3 something must have kinda clicked cause we got a 50-60% success rate that day! Still no poopies! Nap time was a success too.. not a drop! I think he is starting to get it or he just loves getting all the attention and treats!! Today is day four and we have not had ANY accidents (so far, knock on wood). We still have not gotten a number 2 but all pee pee has gone DOWN the toilet not in his pants!! YEAH! I am so happy! This still is so hard trying to take care of a 8 week old baby and asking my 27 month old every 15-30 minutes if he has to go "pee pee on the potty!!!" I am hoping this stage doesn't last forever! Cause I am already OVER IT!!! Can't wait to get one out of diapers! Here is to a successful potty training week!

Maybe the dragon is helping him pee!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010


We finally got some decent weather to take Crew to the park! Yeah for not snowing!! Here is a picture (I took with my phone so it's not the best quality) of ow he felt about being outside and doing his favorite thing to do at the park... SWING!!!

We sure can't wait for it to ALWAYS be nice around here!

Super Model...