Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So I admit, I have been M.I.A!!! I do have a lot of excuses for why. Here we go...

1. I am Pregnant and sometimes don't feel like blogging!
2. Remodeling the house has taken a toll on me!
3. Didn't feel like it!
4. Trying to get things ready for baby girl to get here!

Even though I haven't been blogging I HAVE been taking pictures!! So here are some of my favorites from the past few months!!!

Helping mom clean... with a swim diaper on his head!!! :)

Our little THIEF.. as we were checking out of the grocery store we noticed that Crew was being WAY TOO QUIET. THIS was the reason, he had taken a candy bar off the shelf and started eating it!!! Don't worry we went back and paid for it!

Crew being silly!

CREW IS IN A BIG BOY BED!!!! He loves it! He also loves to come into mom and dad's room and say " Whatcha doin'?" every morning!!! I love it!
We sold the Audi!!! Down to one car for awhile! Nick loves taking the bus/train! Really he does!

Belly pictures... 22 weeks here! At my 25 week apt i had only gained a total of 5 lbs! I am so happy!!! There is nothing better than to not gain a ton of weight!! Indie is treating mommy good! She will get a BIG prize when she comes out! :)

Date night with Crew! We went to Thanksgiving Point Kids Museum and then to the Deli for Dinner and a BIG Ice cream Sundae! YUMMY!

Crew is going to be a Pirate for Halloween this year! We had our ward "Chili Cook-off" and the kids were supposed to dress up. Too bad it was FREEZING the day we had it. Oh well the good news was that MY CHILI WON!!!!! OH YEAH! I knew it would! I am pretty domestic so I had a feeling!!! :) ha ha!! (OK maybe I'm not THAT domestic but I sure do try!!)

We have had a pretty eventful past few months and only a couple more months til baby Indie is here! We have so much to do with NO TIME AT ALL! I will try to keep you updated as we get closer to her arrival!!!