Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm back!

What can I say? My life has been crazy these past few weeks! For one, I haven't had the internet for the past 2 weeks and then we had my entire family here at our house for Crew's blessing. Whoa! What a crazy time in the Odom household that was... if you could only see the pigpen we are living in right now! Its time for a little SPRING CLEANING! I can't wait to get my house back in order! Well I also did something pretty dramatic... I cut 9 inches off my hair! I love it! I definitely needed this change, and lets be honest, hair grows back! Right?!? I am loving the change but still trying to get use to it. I am constantly trying to fling my hair back and there is nothing to fling. When I get my camera all set I will post my before and after pictures! Tell me what you think! What else has been going on?? Well most importantly we had Crew blessed at our home on Saturday, March 15. What a wonderful blessing Nick gave. It was so special and intimate to have it done in our home with our entire family. What a blessing it is to have a husband who holds the priesthood and is able to bless our son. Nick is such an amazing father and husband. I couldn't have asked for anything more. He is truly amazing. The blessing he gave was just absolutely perfect. He was so in touch with the spirit and knew exactly what needed to be said to our little angel. I must admit, I probably will never have a blessing in church. It was the best experience and so memorable to have it at our home where we will raise our children. Crew is one amazing child and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be his mom. What a great calling in life we have as women to raise our children and teach them to grow into amazing children of God. I love being a mom and it has only just begun!! Life is Great!!! Keep an eye out for all the event pictures to be posted!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A sweet farewell!

Last night a couple of girls went out to have a last girls night with Becky Proudfit. We started out the night by going to Shar's new boutique , Bags that fit, and saw all the amazing things in her cute store. Some of us buying some fabulous things might I add! Then we headed off to the one and only, literally, Cheesecake Factory! We ordered what seemed to be an outrageous amount of appetizers. Within minutes, everything is GONE! Could we say a lot of hungry girls? Well after eating an avocado egg roll, I AM SICK! Seriously sick. I had to hurry to the bathroom and try to make myself feel better. That didn't work. So I went back to the table and our food was there, I couldn't eat a bite. What a waste!! And out of all nights I get sick when I get to have the ever so tasty, Chicken Madeira. It is so good for those that haven't tried it, it is a must! So after a few hilarious pictures and "good times" talk, we left the restaurant and went home! I must say we had a good time, even if I was feeling sick! I love my friends! Nikki, what can I say? We are too much alike, and I love it! We laughed all night!!! Especially being stuck in Kelly Tate's midget back seat! I swear you have to have the smallest legs to fit back there! Oh and the best was the yelling to hear everyone from the whistling of the ski rack! AMAZING! Thanks for driving K. Tate! It made for some good times and memories! Here are a few of the silly pictures we took while out!

And the winner is....

CREW!!!!! For being the best baby in the world! He hit a major milestone last night. HE SLEPT THROUGH THE ENTIRE NIGHT! What else can a new mother ask for? AMAZING! Nick called me this morning from work and asked if he was dreaming or if he had just slept through me getting up and all. And to my delight, it wasn't a dream and he wasn't being a bad dad and sleeping through it all! It was true! Now, I have to say that Crew had been sleeping like 6-7 hours at a time for the past few weeks, but he would wake up still at 5 am or so. Last night it was almost 8am when I heard the cutest little cry that always says' "Mom give me some food!" I went in there and he had the biggest smile on his face! I loved it. What a fantastic mood I am in. How funny the littlest things can make me so happy! I am on cloud 9! Whoo hoo!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The movie is being filmed...

Twilight that is! OK so I am a little upset about the cast. Edward is supposed to be the most beautiful creature we have ever seen... now look at the person they chose to play him. NOT WHAT I WAS PICTURING! His name is Robert Pattinson. He is not cute! What were they thinking? There are a million more guys that are way cuter than he is to play the part! Here is the website to go see the entire cast....
What do you think?

Happy birthday Bree-dawg!

Happy Birthday Bree! I know this is a little late, her birthday was yesterday,March 3. I just want to tell Bree how much I love her and how much she means to me! She is one of my best friends and I don't know what I would do if she weren't in my life. We became friends right when I first started dating Nick. Bree and Marsh were Nick's immediate neighbors. What great neighbors to have I might add.(Boy do we miss you guys right there!)Bree has been there for me through some of the roughest days in my life and the most amazing days in my life. She is the person that I know I can always count on to make me smile. She is an amazing person. She is a wonderful mother of two beautiful kids, and a FABULOUS wife! What a blessing she is to everyone around her. I just cant say enough about Bree. She is one of the few people that know me like I know myself. She is more like family to me. I love her so much and am so thankful to her for the great times we have spent together and the memories we have made! I can't wait for the million more memories we have to make! I love you Bree!