Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Do Update!

Ok so I know its been a month since I cut my hair but I just barely remembered that I haven't posted the before and after picts. So here they are, finally! I never took one of the back of my hair post cut but you will see how much I did cut!
kiss face! lol!


So there is the new car we bought a few weeks ago! It is the new 2008 Altima. We just love it! We have been without another car for sometime now and we have been looking for another car for what seems like an eternity. Ever car we were looking at was a used vehicle and it seems to me that most, not all, but most used car places are a bunch of liars! Is it that hard to get a car that hasn't been wrecked? It seems to feel that way. We were so sick of people lying to us about cars that we decided to just go for it and get a new car. We are so glad we did. We got it loaded with everything we wanted for such a good deal! It was just what we needed. Nick drives to Bountiful every day so this is a good commuter car and gets fantastic gas mileage. Thanks Tim Dahle Nissan!

Monday, April 21, 2008

A crazy, but fun-filled week!!

The header can say it all! What a week we have had. This past week started out early Monday morning with a trip to St. George with some of my girlfriends from the neighborhood. We left our homes around 8:30am and got to St. George around 1pm. Not too bad with 3 kids in one car and 1 in another. So we get to the house and all we want to do is get in the pool. Sounds like a normal thing to want to do in 85+ degree weather, right? So we head to the pool, everyone is dressed and ready to go swimming! Now one key detail, we had 10 women and 11 kids UNDER the age of 2! Yes that is right! Many very small children in swimmers diapers! So we are in the pool for no more than maybe five minutes and here comes the Grinch of the pool.This old crazy woman starts to go nuts on us. This is how the event occurs:
Grinch Lady: "All those kids in swimmers diapers need to get out of the pool NOW!"
Someone from our group: " Excuse me we have diapers on them?"
Grinch Lady: "We had an HOA meeting and everyone that lives here came and we voted NO KIDS WITH DIAPERS ON IN THE POOL AT ALL. So whoever you are here visiting knows the rules." Well by this point she was getting very heated.
Someone from our group: " Well mam there is no sign posted and our host was never told that rule."
Grinch Lady: " I mean what I said, all kids out now with swimmers diapers on. NO DIAPERS ALLOWED! They must be house-trained." HOUSE TRAINED? What are they dogs?
Someone from our group:" Mam would you like us to take OFF their diapers?"
Grinch Lady: " Well not if they are going to S*#! and P*&% in the pool."
Someone from our group: "Calm down that was uncalled for and you don't need to swear at our children. Now there is no sign up that states no kids with diapers on so we are staying."
Grinch Lady:" We will see about that."

And that was how the first day of the week started! Amazing how that old lady wanted all of our kids out with diapers on when she herself had a diaper on. Depends anyone? C'mon! All and all we had a fun 3 days in St. George with the girls. Maybe some sleepless nights but fun in all! On Wed. morning most of the group heads back home and Crew and myself head to Las Vegas to see my family. My mom came to get us in the morning. That morning wasn't so great, I WAS SICK! I think I got it from one of the kids that was sick there. NOT FUN! We stopped 4 times for me to throw up and go to the bathroom. The worst drive from St.George to Vegas I have ever had. Luckily Crew slept the entire way so we were golden in that aspect. So after we got there we took a nap and it I was starting to feel much better. For the rest of the trip I was back to normal. I was a little sleep deprived, dehydrated, and maybe had too many kids around for comfort!!! You gotta love them! We had fun in Vegas visiting with my family. Nick flew in on Thursday night and we had so much fun! We got to swim with Crew and just sit around! We loved getting to relax in the sun. Crew also passed through another milestone. He ate baby food! I couldn't believe it. He had some sweet potatoes and apples. He just loved it. It kinda made me sad seeing how big he is getting. But he sure is a cute boy! It was also my dad's 49Th birthday on Sunday. So to celebrate we went out on Friday night to the Charcoal Room Steakhouse inside of the Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino. I have to admit, it is probably the best steakhouse I have ever been to. Better than Ruth's Chris I think. It's a must if you are in Vegas! We sure did have a good weekend with family and friends! We love you all!
Crew in the pool for the first time ever! He was a little fish. He loved being in the water!

Look at those eyes! (and belly!!!!) Gotta love them both!

Katie, Sheri, & Ash hanging out at the pool in St. George!
Happiest boy in the world! And he is MINE!!!!!

Crew eating his Sweet Potatoes! Yummy!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Husband Tag!

What is his name: Nick... OK his real name is Larry! SICK!

How long have you been married: 3 blissful years!! Amazing what can I say?

How old is he? Turns the BIG 3-0 in October! I can't believe he will be 30!

Who eats more? Back in the day he could...but now we eat about the same, we are trying to watch our girlish figures... OK we are trying to lose our girlish figures and get P90X bodies! LOVE IT!

Who said I love you first? crap...I think he did, and I'm not sure he said it back right away. Not fun, but it all ended well!

Who is taller? So, this is a tough one. Realistically, he is. But I swear I am. I can't wear heels with out feeling like what Katie Holmes looks like next to Tom Cruise. A GIANT! Can't he grow a few more inches?

Who sings better? Nick for sure! I love it when he sings to me. I make him sing Disney songs with me in the car! It's fabulous! It is usually to Aladdin's " A Whole New World" so I can be Jasmine and he can be Aladdin. LOL!!!

Who is smarter? So we will answer this by High School grades!! I graduated with Honors and the top of my class and he had to have his mom plead to his counselors to LET him graduate!!! So you make that decision!

Whose temper is worse? Hands Down.... Both, we are about equal... but I hold mine in more!

Who does the laundry? Nick would say he does it all the time, but if once a month is all the time, then he wins! I DO IT ALL THE TIME! especially with a little guy who likes to spit up all the time! So fun!

Who does the dishes? He does! It's a great routine. I cook, he cleans!

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does, it's closer to the door so if a robber comes he can protect me. I know not a very good reason but he was there first!

Who cooks dinner? ME... and I must say I am getting much better at it! Thanks for all the recipes.

Who drives when you are together? He does... but now with the new car I think I might want to take over sometimes!

Who is more stubborn? Definitely the same. We both are really stubborn 'cause we both want to be right all the time! See I can admit it!

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Ummm... not sure. We usually get over fights with in an hour. We try not to keep a grudge going, it's not healthy!

Whose parents do you see the most? Nick's for sure! Mine live in Las Vegas.

Who has more friends? This isn't tough at all.... ME! Way more popular! ha ha

Who has more siblings? He does...5 brothers and sisters... me 2!

Who wears the pants in the family? I would like to think we both do! We are equals! We both try to give as much, if not more, than we take! I have the most amazing husband! I LOVE YOU BABE!!

I tag Laura, Kelie, and Tiff!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So I have been sitting here trying to figure out a good prank to pull on everyone but I can't seem to find a really good one or better yet a believable one! So instead of doing something really crazy, because I did think of a few funny ones, I would share one of the April fool's day pranks that was pulled on ME! So it is April 1st and I am a Jr. in High School, the school day is over and no pranks have been pulled, at least not on me. So there I am walking out of the school with my brother and some of our friends. As we get about 20 steps out of the school I see a police car and then on the loud speaker, " Whitney Waite (my maiden last name) get on the ground." I am thinking they have the wrong name and person. There is NO WAY they are calling out my name. Then a distinct name is shouted again, " Whitney Waite get on the ground." Now I look at my brother and am thinking what in the heck is going on? He is just as shocked as I was. Or at least it seemed like it. So I act like I can't hear the LOUD voice on the LOUD speaker and I keep walking to my car. Well that wasn't the smartest choice I made that day because no more than 20 seconds later I see a group of kids pointing my way and one of my good friends shouts my name. I turn around and coming at me full force is a Police officer. Literally he is running after me. I am now in shock. What in the world is going on? What did I do? I know I didn't ditch that day so they can't be after me for that. Well as everything is going in slow motion and the officer is pulling on my arm (not hard) I can clearly see my MOM standing by the cop car and with a blow horn and she shouts April Fools!!! So I look up at the officer and it is a kid that use to be in my mom's seminary class who became a police officer after High School. He started laughing and so did the huge crowd that had gathered around to see what was happening to me! Embarrassing could we say? Needless to say my brother and friends were in on it. I had a few people the next day ask me why I was getting arrested and had to explain what happened. What a memory that made! We all had a great laugh after. Now if I could only get my mom back!!! I will think of a good one! She was always pulling fast ones on me. Like the time I was on the Strip for New Year's Eve. and she moved my car so I thought it had gotten stolen, but really she had moved it to another spot!! I found it before I called the cops and I definitely got her back that time! Well if you have any pranks you have pulled or gotten pulled on you write in in my comments! I love pulling pranks! I especially like to scare people! I like to scare Nick the most! It is so much fun! he tried to scare me once and I screamed so loud it scared him back!!! Gotta love it! Happy April Fool's Day!!!

Us in Ireland and Russia!!