Thursday, July 31, 2008

7 Months and counting....

Some of the fun things about Crew at 7 months:
-He LOVES his mommy and daddy
-He LOVES to play with Booduh, and Booduh loves it too!(maybe not AS much)
-He LOVES to eat "real" food
-He has 2 teeth and 2 more coming in
-He sleeps for 12 hours at night
-He rolls every where or scoots on his cute little bum
-He tries to crawl but ends up doing some crazy yoga poses. They are pretty impressive
-He went on his first camp-out this month
-He makes a really funny face when he eats mashed potatoes, he makes a puking noise as well! It is HILARIOUS!
-He is a little ham when we go out in public. Smiles at everyone and I mean EVERYONE!!
-HE IS MY BEST FRIEND!!!! I love you Crewzer!

DVD's Galore

This is what I walked downstairs to this afternoon!Crew has found his new favorite toys... all of the DVD's we own! It was so funny because at first he was laying on his back and pulling them all off, then he sat up and got a better grip on them and started having fun again! He is the silliest little boy! Oh how the messes have begun, and I'm sure I haven't even seen the beginning! This wasn't that bad! He also started to say "Dada" again. He stopped there for a little bit, but now he is back on that kick! Why can't he just say "Mama"? I practice it EVERY SINGLE DAY! No luck!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Life In Google Images!!

If you want to do this (which I would love it if you did) please post in my comments that you completed it so we, (me and the readers of this blog) can view yours.
This is how the game works..

For each question, look up the answer in a Google Image search. Then choose your favorite image from the first page of results only.
You get some fun and often CRYPTIC answers.

Alrighty then, Here's mine:

My Age:

My Name:

My Pets Name:
And if you spell his name how we do, BOODUH, this image shows up!!! AMAZING! It's actually him!!
My Child's Name: ( He actually goes by his Middle name!!! His first name is Nicholas!!)
My Husband's Name: (He actually goes by his Middle name as well!! Which is Nicholas but this is his real name!)
My Favorite Place to Travel:

My Favorite Object:
My Favorite Animal:

My Favorite Food:

My Favorite Drink:

My Favorite Color:

Town I Grew Up In:

A Previous Pet:
Town I Live In Now:
Past Love:
My Grandmothers First Name (on mom's side):
My Screen Name: ( My screen name is my full name and this is what popped up ... no joke!!!)
1st Job:
Current Job:
What I Studied In College:


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Working out & Dieting to look like this:

OK so maybe not JUST like this, but you know what I mean! (Look at her abs! Can I please have an order of those? I know the picture is a little scandalicious but I had to post it!) Now is crunch time! I have 2 more weeks until I go on a cruise and I need to lose another 10-15 pounds! I am so afraid I won't hit my goal. I have been working so hard to reach it! If I lost even 10 pounds I would be thrilled. 15 would be FANTASTIC! I would be as thin as I was in High School! I will get there don't you worry but the question is can I get there in 2 1/2 weeks? So any of you who want to try to tempt me with going out to eat or eating crap, NO THANK YOU! These next 2 weeks are "Hell weeks!" That is what I like to call them! So if anyone wants to go workout, walking or whatever, CALL ME! I will go! I'll keep you posted on how I do when the 2 1/2 weeks are over.
** PS I had to post this so I had something to help motivate me. If I don't keep to my word, EVERYONE that reads this will know! How embarrassing would that be?**

Saturday, July 26, 2008

To Gettin' Dirty & Camping!!

This weekend we went with our good friends, Brad and Kelly Tate, and Brain and Ashlee Gardner, up American Fork Canyon and went camping. This was our first time going this year and Crew's very first time going ever! He did so amazing, but then again we wouldn't expect anything less than that from him. He is always a delight to be around. The spot where we camped out at was perfect. It was shaded by hundreds of trees and had a great spot for eating and sleeping. The only thing it lacked was a river running through it. Other than that I would say near flawless! We got to roast hot dogs/turkey dogs, make some delicious S'mores, which Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! AMAZING!!! I typically do not like S'mores and I LOVED THESE! I got the chocolate to melt to a perfect stage and then slapped it on the graham cracker. TASTY! We also got another treat that night and that was from our little Owl friend. I have never seen one in real life. It was just a little guy but so cute! It kept looking at Booduh wondering what he was doing or maybe how he could come down and snatch him. Speaking of Booduh. Are you kidding me? He got so dirty I almost didn't love him. He was black by the end of the camping trip. Not only that but with little prickly things ALL OVER HIM! He jumped up on me and that was the end of that, cause I started to get hives! Not sure if he had lots of stinging nettle on him but man, I could not touch that dog. Right after we got home Nick washed him and it took like an hour to get him all cleaned and lookin' good. Now I can hold my puppy again! I love camping. I love the smell you take with you from being by a camp fire... that doesn't come out for days!!! I love that Crew slept all night, and it even rained! He woke up once when Nick and I got in the tent and he pulled his head up and looked at us, smiled a HUGE smile, and went right back to sleep! I could just squeeze that little boy! I love him so much! He is becoming such a little man. I can hardly believe it. Can I freeze time please? He is growing up too fast! I need my baby back!!! Well, thanks to the Tate's and Gardner's for a fun camp out!

Friday, July 25, 2008


So You Think You Can Dance was so lame last night!!! I am glad Comfort left but WILL!?!?!?!? Are you kidding me? I thought he was gonna be the last guy standing! Why didn't Mark leave? Does he have some crazy following that no one knows about? Last time I checked he wasn't HALF as good as Will. I am in complete shock! Anyone else? Thoughts?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

And the Oscar goes to....

BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT!!!! Oh my gosh! I can't even tell you how amazing I thought this movie was. Right after it was over I was ready to go see it again. I know everyone is saying this, and maybe it is because it is so true, but Heath ledger deserves to win an Oscar for his performance. He was so perfect for this part. No one could have done a better job. I really hope they at least nominate him for this part. Even though he died, he still deserves it. To make the movie even better only two words... CHRISTIAN BALE! AMAZING! He is such a great Batman. Not to mention he is super sexy! This movie was intense from the very beginning and doesn't stop until the credits roll. Some may say it was scary but I say two thumbs UP! 5 stars! I think this movie way surpassed the first one, Batman Begins. Although I still love that one as well. This is a MUST see! I won't ruin anything, but the only one thing I didn't like way Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel. other than that, it may just be the best movie this year! I have nothing more to say, but GO SEE THIS MOVIE!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


So I have been debating whether to post this and I have come to the conclusion that I need to for my sake so I can remember this tragic event!!! On Wednesday night I was going about my usual routine of feeding Crew and then starting dinner before Nick got home. As usual Crew was on the counter top in his Bumbo. Just a little side note; Crew is very strong. He wants to stand all the time and never wants to sit. His legs may look chunky but they are super strong. So I start to make dinner, and I bent down to get a pan from underneath my island. As I got it out and put it on the counter top to spray with Pam I hear this LOUD "thud"! OH NO! What happened? All I knew is Crew was NOT on the counter any more. I SCREAMED! He was on the kitchen floor face down, still in the Bumbo. My heart dropped. Was he breathing? Did he brake something? I hurried and got him out and his face was purple. He then took a deep breath and out came the cry I was waiting for. My poor baby. No blood, no bruising to what I could see, but was very scared. Nick wasn't home yet and I was freaking out. What a horrible mom, I kept thinking to myself. How could I let something so bad happen to my little boy? I call Nick and that is when I burst into tears. "It's all my fault," I said. Nick tried to calm me down but I still felt horrible. By the time he got home Crew had fallen asleep on my chest. I didn't want to ever let him go. Not sure if I should have let him fall asleep but he seemed to be fine. I gave him some Motrin that night when he went to bed. I am SURE he had a headache. Good news... the next morning he was COMPLETELY FINE. Crew was back to his happy self. Boy did I feel like the worst mom ever. No worries I got a highchair the very next day. No more Bumbo on the counter top. Funny enough, well not funny, but the Bumbo was actually recalled for that very reason. People were putting there kids in it on high counters and they fall out of them. Maybe I should be better at following rules!! All I have to say is I am so thankful he is OK. Not sure if this has happened to anyone else but I hope I am not the only one who has made this kind of mistake. Why do I have to learn the hard way? Well glad it is off my chest!! Hope no one thinks I am the worst mom ever!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The big 2-4!!!

Happy Birthday to me!! Yeah! I had my 24th birthday yesterday. What a great day I had! The day started out CRAZY! Literally crazy! I was startled when I heard Booduh barking and then BAM! I was being pulled out of bed and a bad shoved over my head. When just then I heard familiar voices. Ashlee and Staci! They were really trying hard to disguise their vocies but it really wasn't working! Ha ha! I hear Staci, in the funniest male impersonation voice I have ever heard say, " You haven't paid you HOA fees. We are taking you to jail." I couldn't help but to almost laugh. it was really funny! I was telling them I think they were in my dream that night and then I hear Ash say, in a males voice as well but a little bit more twangy, "We are not your friends. Where is the nearest jail? You are getting taken there, lady!" Ok now at this point I am still trying to wake up and also I can't see where I am going. So I ask them if i can take off the bag around my head. There it was the huge laugh I was waiting for! So I took the bag off and they are laughing so hard. I still don't know what time it is. So I look at the dashboard and it reads, 5:22am! WHAT? These girls are seriously crazy! Did they really get up at 5am to take me to breakfast? What amazing friends I have! You two are simply the BEST EVER! To make it even better I had no shoes or bra on, and my teeth weren't brushed! Needless to say I looked HOTT! Staci made me look even better when we got to IHOP. She proceeded to put a million ponytails all over my head. I don't have the picture but when I do, I'm not sure I will even show it! I sure have seen better days! ha ha! I love you girls! Thank you so much for being such amazing friends!! So I got back home and try to go back to sleep by now it is 7am and Crew is still asleep, so why not try right? Well I got another hour and that was it. I got ready and then a few of my close girlfriends went out to lunch at Olive Garden! Love the O.G.! Salad and bread sticks, what else can a girl ask for? We had fun hanging out and eating great food! That is until our waiter aged me. He told me he didn't believe me that I was 24. So I asked how old he thought I was and he said 26. It's not that much older but come on!! Does he see some wrinkles I can't? JERK! He then said it was not because I looked older but because I carry myself better than any other 24 year old he knows. Which is nice of him, but it still doesn't get him out of being a jerk for aging me!!! After a great afternoon with my girls Nick came home and we took Crew to his sister, Lacie's, house. She was nice enough to watch him for a few hours while we went out. We went to Jordan commons and watched "Hancock". We liked it. It wasn't the best movie we have seen in a while but it was good! Will Smith is always funny! Then Nick took me to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I can eat just the rolls for an entire meal! They are the best out of any steakhouse I have been too! LOVE THE ROLLS! We enjoyed a great night out! One question. Why is it that when parents don't have their kids and have time together that most of their conversations revolve around their kids? I guess it is cause we just adore Crew so much that we never want to stop talking about him! Keeping him close!! After we picked up Crew we headed home to play the Wii! Yep, Nick got me the Wii for my birthday! I was so excited! I love Wii sports! So much fun. He also got me Guitar Hero 3! I'm not very good but you better believe I will be practicing everyday!!! Thanks babe for a great day and being a great husband!!! We will have lots of great nights playing with the Wii! (Get your mind out of the gutter!) Thanks to all my great friends for a memorable birthday!!! I LOVE YOU ALL! My girlfriends at lunch! You all look so dang cute! Thanks for coming!

We got bored in the theater before the movie! Aren't we so hot? Especially in the last one!!!
Texas Roadhouse! Yummy!

Flowers my mom and dad sent me! Thanks! They smell just as amazing as they look!

Happy (belated) 4th of July!

We started our 4th off with an "all-you-can-eat" french toast breakfast at Haggerman's with some of Nick's High School buddies. Who are now my friends as well!. I must say it was pretty tasty! Their Cinnamon bread is amazing! After one plate of french toast I was spent! NO MORE!(Even though there was only 2 pieces on a plate, I couldn't put anything else in my mouth! Good thing it was only $3.00!!!) We went on to go to Brighton Lakes for a nice hike! Or so we thought! We (when I say "we" I mean Nick,myself, Crew, Bret, and Cherissa Newton) were all dressed for the occasion; in our "summer" hiking attire! We were all so happy because there was a breeze and it was slightly overcast. Great for hiking in July! We got to the 1st lake, Lake Mary, and WOW! It was beautiful! It was a little cooler at this point but it felt refreshing.After a stop to enjoy the view we push along on the trail and head to the next lake. We thought we would have been to the next lake about 20 minutes later. Well we would have if we would have been on the actual TRAIL! We had veered off somehow to another trail that headed no where! This trail was also ALL SNOW!!! Yes that is right I said SNOW, and lots of it! As you can see. I could not believe how much snow there was. Is there really a drought in Utah? After seeing that I can't imagine. Now let's remember... we are all in summer attire in the SNOW! Not fun! It started to get really cold and I was slipping all over the place! At one point I almost fell down a part of the mountain. SCARY! We finally found the right trail, after hiking straight up the mountain about 300 feet, and got to the last lake! From there you could see the other two lakes! Breathtaking! It was truly beautiful! So we made it to the top, now back down!! This is how Nick and Bret decided to get back down. Lucky for Crew he got to ride down!!
What an adventure we had! It was so much fun. A lot of laughs and great memories! After a 5 mile hike Crew was exhausted, as we all were, but he got to sleep! Don't we all wish we were a baby! Sleeping anywhere at anytime! What a cute little bug, sound asleep. Thanks Bret for carrying Crew! (He wanted to by the way, we didn't make him! Great practice right??) Here are a few more pictures of the hike...

Gotta love the last one fo Bret and Crew! What a flattering picture of Bret don't you think?
After the hike we were starving and where better to eat at when you are starving? CAFE RIO of course! It was so delicious! After a hearty meal we went to Bret and Cherissa's and watched some movies, hung out, and just enjoyed the night. Thanks guys for an awesome day!!!